Society Friends of the Estate Fraeylemaborg

De Society of Friends of the Estate Fraeylemaborg is founded 1998. The society aims to support the estate Fraeylemaborg as widely as possible. There has grown a solid collaboration with the Foundation Landgoed Fraeylemaborg (which takes care of the exploitation of the borg and surrounding estate) and with the Foundation Activity commission Fraeylemaborg (which organizes events on and around the estate). Together they are active for the safeguarding and the development of the Fraeylemaborg.

The society counts about 600 members, a respectable number. But there are good reasons to expand that number! More members means more support for our "our" splendid Fraeylemaborg!
Two times a year a Friends-day is organized, in spring an activity in the open, in the autumn the gathering takes places in the castle.

You are invited to sign up as Friend of the Fraeylemaborg.

The membership costs amount Euro 20,00 per year. As member you get a membership pass that gives a full year free entrance to the Fraeylemaborg.

You can become a member by putting forward your name and address to the secretary of the Society: